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EzyProfessional ASX Pack

The EzyProfessional ASX Pack is great value!

This offer includes:
EzyProfessional V6 containing EzyChart and EzyAnalyser software. $750
Bodhi6 subscription includes 12-months of ASX Stocks, Warrants & Indexes end-of-day data and 25+ years of historical data. $405
FREE - Technical Support
All this just $870 (includes GST)  

The EzyProfessional V6 software allows you to:

  • Follow charts of stocks you are interested in, and save all your indicators and settings.
  • Move through all of your saved charts at the click of a button.
  • Bring up reports on how the indicators have performed in the past.
  • Thoroughly utilise various chart types and tools.
  • Search for specific criteria based on price volume or flexible indicators.
  • Build your own trading scans to analyse the markets.

Please feel free to contact our friendly sales consultants with any queries via email
or call us on 1300 883 195 Monday to Friday.