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"I recommend this product to anyone who is serious about managing a share portfolio for themselves or their super fund."
- N. Polityle, AMP

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EzyManager 5 - Portfolio Management
EzyManager is ideal for the small investor, yet is powerful enough for the super fund manager and professional trader. It has all the Capital Gains Tax calculations in-built together with previous CPI values. It has all the facilities for dividend imputation, bonus & rights issues, right through to financial reporting. It is ideal for shares, trusts, indices, bonds, currencies etc.. Of course, EzyManager can be updated manually or electronically. Complete Portfolio Management

New Features Summary:

  • New and improved Report Export Functionality
  • Export to Excel, Text, Lotus
  • Send the reports by Email

  • EzyManager - Australia's most popular portfolio manager is now even better.
  • EzyManager - Windows XP & Windows 7 Compatible
  • EzyManager - Australia's most popular portfolio manager is now even better.
  • EzyManager is simple to use with a learning curve of less than 30 minutes. Yet it is powerful enough to handle all aspects of share ownership and the relevant taxes. The
  • NEW push-button sorting features make managing your portfolio that much simpler.

Standard Features
All CGT Requirements Multiple Broker Trading Full Reporting Features
All Income Tracking Stop Loss Alarms Full CPI Indexing
Unlimited Portfolios Broker Trading Accounts Unlimited Transactions
Manual & Electronic Updating Banking Details PE Ratio Tracking
Broker Tracking    

Hardware and Operating System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/7
Pentium 350 MHz or higher processor, 64Mb of RAM
(More memory improves performance)
Power Macintosh users with Windows emulation software are not supported.

Compatibility - EzyManager can be updated independently using data formatted in MetaStock (2000 files or less), ASCII and Ezy Chart formats.

Advanced Features

Unlimited Portfolios & Unlimited Transactions - This means that you will not outgrow your portfolio. Competitive products all have a limited transaction life.

Graphing Portfolios - EzyManager can now graph portfolios. You can chart the current value of your portfolio using PIE charts.

New Tax Features - EzyManager allows for share splits, reconstructions, contributing shares, and capital adjustments with correct tax legislation. You can even change your financial year completion for overseas investments. Changing the ASX code is not a problem with EzyManager.

Notepad Facility - You can make notes on individual stocks that can be recalled in any portfolio. You can also make specific notes in each portfolio.

Overseas Investments - You can track all your overseas investments and handle foreign tax credits and overseas deferred tax correctly. You can even alter your end of financial year date to conform to other country returns.

Back up - Doing a regular backup of your financial information is extremely important. EzyManager can save your portfolios to disk at the push of a button.

Sorting your portfolio - EzyManager has a flexible sorting display so that you can quickly see what is important to you. You can sort in ascending or descending order; chronologically; by share holding, total share purchases and sales, number, holding cost , value, current price, profit, stop-loss alarm etc. This means that when you open your portfolio you can see exactly what is important to you at any time.

Multiple Brokers - Using Multiple Brokers is becoming part of a modern investors' demands on a portfolio manager. Of course EzyManager tracks multiple brokers across all your portfolios complete with relevant details like brokerage, strike rate, etc. Just select your purchase or sale, choose your broker and EM will automatically calculate your brokerage. It also has the facility for a broker trading account to track funds your broker is holding.

Password Security - EzyManager's password security allows you to keep your private financial information from prying eyes.