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Purchase EzyAnalyser v6.

Purchase EzyAnalyser v6 with 12-months of end-of-day data and over 20 years of historical data.

Upgrade from an earlier version of EzyAnalyser.

"EzyAnalyser V6 is brilliant! I love the way I can create whole analysis that include the criteria and the symbols I want to scan. It's so much easier and faster - I just select my analysis and click the 'run' button"
- L. Clarkson, USA

"Well done, you've created a program that even I can't break"
- R. Bolton, New Zealand

"EzyAnalyser V6 is intuitive to use (on the one screen) when compared to EzyAnalyser V5 which required a knowledge of the essential steps"
- J. Land, NSW

"Your new exchange filter has inspired me to create different analysis for each sector. I'm getting some great results..."
- G. Ginn, QLD

"I can tell a lot of thought has gone into this new version. The Analysis builder is a great concept and to be able to set the parameters for each indicator as you create the criteria is wonderful. I can easily write criteria; test it over my stocks then edit it and run it again all on one screen. It makes getter results much quicker"
- P. Kung, Singapore

"Thanks for adding Alan Hull's moving averages and rate of return indicator, these are important tools in my trading arsenal"
- A. Rissaro, VIC

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EzyAnalyser 6
The new version of the highly successful EzyAnalyser is now available and is more powerful than ever before. It combines a simple TWO-step process to scan market sectors or entire markets for investment opportunities. You can scan thousands of shares, options, or futures for trading opportunities in a matter of minutes. It offers a range of features that are invaluable to the serious trader.

What exactly does EzyAnalyser do?

The idea of EzyAnalyser is to assist you in finding suitable stocks on which to trade the markets. Using a combination of quality price and fundamental data from BodhiGold and a wide selection of technical analysis tools and indicators EzyAnalyser will give the most up-to-date accurate results.

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It allows traders to scan their database quickly to find stocks that are performing to technical analysis criteria that they have selected. You do not even have to scan the entire database. You can filter your data selections before running a scan, such as subgroups of industrial stocks, mining stocks, gold stocks, or a customised sub-section of your choice. You can find any stock at any time that conforms to criteria that you set (i.e. Find stocks that have crossed a 30-day moving average in the last five days; or any stock where volume has increased by more than 20% and has traded more than 1,000,000 shares and pays a dividend over $4.00). The examples are limitless and are easily constructed. Better yet, a complete set of system analysis scans is already pre-written for you, including all the popular price break strategies and candle pattern recognition.

Pre-written System Scans

EzyAnalyser has over 100 pre-written technical analysis scans (System scans) for you to select from.
Just select an analysis from the drop down box and click the Run button. EzyAnalyser will quickly scan the market/s you have subscribed to for any stocks that have met the criteria of the scan. System Scans include a range of popular bullish and bearish trading strategies such as:

System Analysis
Break up through over-sold on RSI Darvas Box signal
Directional Movement Indicator Guppy Multiple Moving Average
Hull Range Indicator in Profit or Sell zone MACD Bottom Divergence
MACD Crossover Moving Average Crossover [10 bar] or [5 bar]
On Balance Volume Divergence Overbought on RSI and Stochastic
Pivot Point Low Price Volume Trend Divergence
Candlestick patterns eg. Dark Cloud cover, Engulfing patterns, Evening star, Harami lines etc.

The results of the scan are displayed so you can easily see which stocks or candidates passed the criteria.

Main features at a glance

  • Change Indicator Settings. For example with the Moving Average indicator, you can change the method from Simple, Weighted, Triangular or Exponential. You can alter the price value the indicator is calculated on (eg. Close, Open, Median, Typical etc.) and you can also change the period (i.e. 14-bar; 250-bar).

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  • Superb filtering of your database to scan the exact group of stocks that you want to analyse including your personal portfolio.

    Exchange Filter

  • Results are automatically transferred, at the click of a button, to EzyChart 6 – see the charts with the appropriate indicator/s displayed from your scan.
  • Extensive reporting of your Analysis results. See why your stock selection passed or failed. See detailed statistics on each stock scanned including its fundamentals.

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  • Ability to create a library of candidates and criteria that you can use in any future analysis.
  • A fast backup of your created analysis onto a different drive or onto a USB or CD. This means you can install EzyAnalyser onto a new computer without having to re-create all your settings and analysis.

    Can I create my own scans in EzyAnalyser?

    EzyAnalyser makes it easy for you to create your own Analysis to scan. Scans can be as simple as finding all stocks with a close price between $5 and $10 dollars or as complex as you want. There is no limit to the number of criteria conditions you are able to add to your Analysis. EzyAnalyser enables you to write your own criteria using any of the indicators and oscillators available in EzyChart. You can add to the list of pre-written system analysis with your own custom criteria such as:

    Find any stock that has:
    Increased in Volume by more than 10% and
    Its price is the lowest it has been in a year and
    Its volume is greater than 500,000 and
    The price is less than $2.00 and
    The RSI is below 30% but higher than it was yesterday and
    It has a dividend yield above 2

    This criterion is just one of thousands of precise analysing criteria that you could write yourself. Obviously combining criteria like this can give you, as a trader, almost infinite flexibility to find stocks that you are interested in.

    The process of creating your own scans is simple

    1. Select stocks and design you analysis
    Creating your own Analysis to scan is a two-part process. Select the stocks or candidates from your database that you wish to use. Then create the criteria conditions that will form the Analysis.
    The candidate selection process is very configurable giving you the option to break your database into Exchanges (eg. ASX, LSE, NASDAQ etc.); Markets (eg. Equity,Index etc.); Sector (eg. Banks, Energy etc.) or Groups (eg. All Ordinaries. S&P 200 etc.). You can also have your own list of codes, for example many clients enter their own portfolio's into EzyAnalyser so they can perform further analysis.

    2. Run your scan and view the results
    EzyAnalyser makes it quick and easy to view the results of your scan. You are able to display just codes that pass your criteria and/or also those that failed or did not meet the criteria due to lack of history. Double-clicking on any code will give you a detailed summary of that code and also its results from the scan.

    Candidate List - Results

    What to do with your results
    EzyAnalyser has been designed to work together with EzyChart 6 however it can work alongside any other charting program.

    1. View charts on the shares that passed your analysis. EzyChart will open the charts with any relevant technical indicators used in your scan, such as a MACD or the Hull Multiple Moving Average.
    2. Save and view all passed and/or failed stocks as live charts directly from EzyChart. Note: If you do not have EzyChart you will need to open your charting software independently and manually apply the indicators.
    3. Print a list of all or a selection of the stocks that passed your analysis.
    4. Save your list to a library for further analysis.

    What else is in EzyAnalyser?

    • Create your own Analysis to scan on a daily basis at the click of a button.
    • Create a library of your best performing criteria conditions for future use in another analysis. This will save you from having to recreate them each time.
    • Configurable display fields for your candidate list. You can set the program to display from a selection of more than 25 fields such as Analysis, Stock code, Company name, Sector, Latest close price, Volume plus if you subscribe to BodhiGold for ASX data you can also display Dividends per share, Earnings per share, Market capitalization, Net Tangible Assets, PE ratio and Shares on issue.
    • Run your scans on active stocks only, that is, those stocks that are currently trading. However you can elect to scan on expired or de-listed codes if you want to.
    • Analyse the ASX with a combination of technical and fundamental indicators (available only to BodhiGold subscribers).

    Technical Indicators
    Average True Range Bollinger Bands
    Commodity Channel Index Coppock
    Directional Movement Indicator Elder Ray
    Force Index Fourier Analysis/Projector Index
    Gann Swing Linear Line regression with channels
    Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) MACD Histogram
    Momentum Money Flow Index
    Moving Average On Balance Volume
    Parabolic Stop and Reverse Percent Price and Volume
    Price and Volume Trend Rate of Change
    Relative Strength Index Stop-Loss
    Swing Index Trading Bands
    Williams %R  
    Jim Berg's: Volatility Price; Volatility Profit Taker and Volatility Trailing Stop
    Daryl Guppy's: Multiple Moving Averages and Darvas Boxes
    Alan Hull's: Moving Average; Multiple Moving Average; Rate of Annual Return & Range Indicator

    Fundamental Indicators (ASX only)
    Dividend Yield Earnings Yield
    Market Capitilisation Price Earnings Ratio
    Ranking Shares on Issue

    Data Indicators
    Close Value High Value Low Value Median Value
    Mid Value Open Value Open Interest Pivot Point Value
    Sales Value Typical Value Volume Value Weighted Value

    Some Frequently Asked Questions about EzyAnalyser

    Q. Does EzyAnalyser require EzyChart V6 to operate?
    A. No - It is designed to compliment EzyChart V6 but it can work alongside any other charting program. If using another charting program the data must then come from BodhiGold. EzyAnalyser V6 won't open charts automatically displaying results in any other charting program but EzyChart V6.
    Q. Will EzyAnalyser tell me what shares to buy?
    A. No - EzyAnalyser will find stocks that conform to criteria that you set. It does not recommend buys or sells, this is up to you.
    Q. Does EzyAnalyser require data from BodhiGold?
    A. No - To take advantage of all the features available in EzyAnalyser we recommend using BodhiGold. However, it will analyse price data from other data sources if you are using them with EzyChart V6.

    System Requirements

    A data subscription using BodhiGold works best with EzyAnalyser V6 as it has been designed to take advantage of all the data fields available in BodhiGold.

    A charting program is not essential to run EzyAnalyser V6 but for the serious trader having a visual display of the charts and indicators is a valuable source of information. EzyChart V6 is the recommended charting software to use in conjunction with EzyAnalyser V6 as they have been designed to work seamlessly together. However, if you have any other charting software (eg. GTE Charting) and use BodhiGold for your data you will be able to use EzyAnalyser V6.

    EzyAnalyser V6 is compatible with Windows® 7, XP and Vista operating systems.