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Purchase EzyChart v6.

Purchase EzyChart v6 with 12 months of end-of-day data and over 20 years of historical data.

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"Thank you for allowing me to beta test EzyChart. I have been very pleased with its functionality and improvements. Unlike the earlier version I am able to save my favourite charts and add text and trend lines to them without them disappearing. Well done."
- M. McCann

"As I am interested in analysing GICS Sectors I was wrapped to see this as a workspace that I can play through as Live Charts."
- J. White

"The new EzyChart looks very different. However after only a few hours of playing with all the new features I can see that it has a lot more power than the previous version of the software. I like that I can scroll back through all my History - at last!."
- R. Mould

"The live chart feature is even better than before. It's great how I can run my scans in EzyAnalyser 6 and then view the ones that passed in EzyChart with the indicators already applied."
- M. Hillus

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EzyChart 6 Tutorials

This page is dedicated to tutorials to help you use EzyChart. To select a tutorial just choose a topic and click on it. More tutorials will be added over time.


Sector Workspaces       Opening a Chart       Selecting Groups      
Save charts as templates       Open a chart using a template       Add indicators to charts      
Save indicators as templates       Apply an indicator template       Daryl Guppy indicators      
Alan Hull Indicators Add buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar

More troubleshooting tutorials are accessible through the EzyChart help files by clicking on the Help Button button on each screen.

YouTube Tutorials:

Create a Watch List       Create a (My)Group of charts       Opening charts & Groups      
Creating a template       Using Workspaces       Home and File menus      
Indicators and Drawing Tools       The Workspace Map       Quick Access Toolbar      
Open a Global Industry Sector (GICS) Workspace      


The new EzyChart screen consists of four main areas:
  1. Ribbon Menu
  2. Stock Selection Docker
  3. Workspace
  4. Workspace Toolbar

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1. Ribbon Menu
We've incorporated the new Windows Ribbon menu used in most Microsoft® Windows 7 software. It gives an alternative to the old layered menus and toolbars by exposing the user to the major features of an application through a series of tabs at the top of an application window. The software opens on the Home tab which displays some of the most common tasks. If you are unfamiliar with the Ribbon we've also included a 'Classic Layout' option which will shrink the ribbon back to a menu and display the indicators as a two lettered button as in earlier versions of EzyChart.

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2. Stock Selection Docker
The Stock Selection Docker gives the user the ability to open individual stocks or groups of stocks. The top part of this window categorises your entire database into Markets; Groups, Security Types or Sectors whilst the bottom part lets you search for a particular stock.

Stock Selection

The Stock Selection picture above shows that I have a total of 106,615 stocks in my database. This total will change as I make selections from the filter tree in the top box. For example, if I selected Watch List from the filter tree, the table below would only include the stocks I have added to my watch list.

3. Workspace
The Workspace contains charts for any stocks or groups of stocks you have opened from the Stock Selection Docker. The default layout is set to tabs. A tab can consist of one stock or a group of stocks. If you choose to load a group of stocks into a tab then any indicators; drawing tools or text you add to the first chart will be displayed in all the preceding charts. If you want to add individual notes or drawing tools to a chart then you would load them into separate tabs.
This version of EzyChart contains a variety of indicators and drawing tools with more coming soon.

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4. Workspace Toolbar
This toolbar allows the user to make changes to the currently selected chart/chart group in their workspace.

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    The toolbar contains:
  • Chart Type & Properties: these four buttons let you control the properties of the chart/indicators and drawing tools in the workspace. You can also change the chart type and filter stocks by exchange. The information button gives you fundamental details on the stock.
  • Stock Navigation: these buttons are only available when you have a group of stocks in the one tab. They let you navigate through the stocks or view a window with a tabular list of all the stocks in the group.
  • Results: this button becomes visible if there is a problem with the chart. For example, if the user tries to put an indicator on a chart that doesn't have enough data to draw it (i.e. 200-day Moving Average on a chart that has only been trading for 100-days).
  • Bars & Intervals: You can enter the amount of bars you want to view in the 'View Bars' box and choose the bar interval from the drop-down box (i.e. D = Daily; W = Weekly & M = Monthly).
  • Zooming: these five buttons let you zoom in or out on the chart. The first button returns the zoom to the 'View Bars' count. The + and the - lets you zoom in and out at 10% intervals. The fourth button zooms out to include all the data you have available for this stock and the last button is a magnifying glass.