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About Us

Electronic Information Solutions

EZY has been a brand name within the stock market investment arena for over 15 years, during this time the Ezy Suite of products have developed to become the Number 1 Australian charting package.

The software products, while being the easiest to use on the market also have a number of features that make it attractive for experienced traders. It is therefore the number one choice of first time market investors wishing to use technical analysis for trading.

JustData aspires to be a global leader in the provision of share trading tools and stock market data, utilizing the latest technologies to provide these services in a cost effective manner to our customers. The Ezy Suite of software works hand-in-hand with BodhiGold data downloading software. Ensuring the best quality of data from your choice of stock, futures or forex exchanges.

EZY products are recognised as one of the leading products for Australian investors and are continuing to be developed into the future.

Through the provision of data and software products, EZY is able to establish long-term relationships with clients by providing excellent customer support.